Sunday, 27 January 2019

HOW to send in your stories.......

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Who are we looking for?
Professional storytellers.
Aspiring storytellers:- anyone with a passion for telling stories

Stories: fables, fairy-tales, folktales, legends, short stories, true stories, original stories; ANY GENRE -You may send us as many stories as you’d like
Recordings done on iphone or android devices, are acceptable, however please ensure that recording is 'clean' and devoid of background 'noises'. 
Duration: between 5 to 7 minutes, inclusive of your introduction 
You may add music or sound effects to enhance your stories.

Music: We showcase music and it's not just from albums; You-tube videos or recordings done at home are welcomed as long as it is a 'clean recording and devoid of background 'noises'
Lyrics should not contain any profanity. 
Duration: 3 minutes for song (give or take) 
In a word document state name, age, introduction and reason for who or what inspired you to write the song- the song can sung in any language, however the document you're submitting has to in English.
You may send us as many songs as you’d like

Recordings for stories and songs have to be sent in the following format:
mp3, mp4, wav.

Please include your personal information in a separate WORD document: 
your name, a brief bio, title of story, author, origin of story, if it has been adapted or not, a short synopsis and links to your website or blog (if applicable). 
For songs: same brief as above

Please include:  A candid photo of yourself and MUST be a Jpeg file
We use your info for promotional purposes on social media.

Where to send -

PLEASE ensure stories and songs submitted comply to our above specifications.

Thank you very much for your interest in being a contributor to our programme.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards, 

WHAT StoryTime is about

"StoryTime with The Jumping JellyBeans" is an ONLINE PODCAST featuring Professional Storytellers and Aspiring Storytellers.
We give a platform to anyone with a passion for ORAL STORYTELLING. 

We include a segment "StoryTime Music" which features singer/songwriters, both established recording artists and up and coming musicians. 
Listeners get to hear the stories of why you wrote it, before we play the song.

What better way than sharing stories and music to bring communities together!

We want to hear from YOU! 


StoryTime with The Jumping JellyBeans

Listen closely to our tales; some enchanting, spellbinding and magical, others humorous or even spooky. 
Let them transport you to another place and time.


Shanthini Venugopal has been in the performing arts industry for over 30 years. She wears many hats; singer, actor, storyteller, director & facilitator.
She runs her own theatre company The Jumping JellyBeans (JJB), formed in 2003 specializing in productions for children.

Shanthini does voice-overs and jingles for radio, TV & documentaries, conducts theatre workshops and seminars for adults and children and has participated as an actor and storyteller in various festivals around the world.

She acted in the Hollywood blockbuster “Anna and the King” alongside Jodie Foster and Chow Yuen Fatt.

In 2014, 2015 and 2018, she was the judge for the Asean English Olympics Storytelling competition (AEO) organized by Binus University, Jakarta. 
In 2017, she was the judge for their ‘Online Radio Drama’.

She can be seen on ASTRO TV as “Auntie English”